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Rental, sales & repair in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Renting a scooter is easy and lots of fun. At 555 Scooters, we help you with all things related to your scooter trip or long-term rental. Thanks to our in-house repair shop, our rental and for sale scooters are always in mint condition.

Rented 7 days of scooter from them. Very friendly and flexible people. Unfortunately, I have skidded and scratched their scooter, they offered to accept reasonable compensation for the damages. Highly recommended.


Top service!

Norbert Hurni

Good english speaking service.

Markus Bergmann

Nice, not too expensive, super friendly.

Martin Ommer

Super friendly staff.

Todd Chesebro

Definitely the best scooter rental shop for foreigners in kaohsiung! Dont waste your time looking elsewhere.

Lin Sam

We speak English, Chinese, Japanese and Afrikaans. If you are interested in buying a scooter, need repair service, or have any special requests, please contact us at service@555scooters.com. Welcome to the best scooter rental in Kaohsiung City!

Steps   1 Rent   2 Acceptance within    3 Pay to confirm

Our online reservation system calculates you the list price and deposit of the rental. We reserve the right to accept, reject and modify reservation requests depending on availability and the right for special holiday pricing apart from our list prices. In our premises we accept cash (New Taiwan dollars NT $/TWD). For over 3-month rentals and groups, please contact us.


Please note that the prices shown above are starting prices, and that Holiday pricing applies.

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Requirements for renting vehicles in Taiwan

For renting a vehicle, the law requires you to present:

Foreign nationals Foreign driver´s license, an international driver´s license and a passport or an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)
Taiwanese nationals Driver´s license

If you have no international license, you can still rent from us if you are willing to pay an extra deposit for possible traffic tickets which will be refunded to you 100% after 30 days if there are no traffic tickets related to you during your rental period. This is a "DEPOSIT", not an extra charge that you can pay by credit card.